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Monolog In Stereo - Phon°noir - Putting Holes Into October Skies (CD)

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  1. Jul 04,  · If I have a stereo PA, I can put the opposite side guitarist heavier into the mix there or in the front fills to compensate, i.e. FIX the balance problem that Mike says a stereo PA can create. (3) Room topologies vary, as do speaker setups.
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  3. Jan 20,  · Converting an existing mono track to stereo will result in a louder mono singal coming from your speakers - you won't perceive it as stereo. Vocals you hear on a CD may well be double-tracked, triple-tracked, even more, then spread across the stereo field through the use of panning, delays, reverb etc.
  4. Sep 24,  · Put the speakers next to each other if your pre doesn't have a mono switch, that will nearly be mono. Alternatively, if you have the freedom to set them up properly and enjoy the stereo, search for " Sumiko master set" this discribes a systematic approach to setting them up in the room and getting it right using nothing more than a CD with a good range of bass notes and your ears.
  5. Nov 21,  · That’s what stereo is -- audio on the Right and the Left side. Keep in mind, duplicating a mono recording will not make it a stereo recording. If you record in mono, then copy and paste that recording into a new track, it will just make the recording louder rather than fuller.
  6. these things work great, putting both stereo channels into one channel. I have no hearing in right ear, so the full sound coming to my usable left is quite nice.. I keep having to order more because I lost one or two. I'm waiting for one now. These also work with headphones and wireless headphones.
  7. Like you said, " I know this is an older post", but try this: TPA Bluetooth Digital Amplifier Board Audio Stereo 2x15W Output Power. It sells on ebay for as little as $, with $ shipping. It's still stereo, and you still have to convert to mono for the subwoofer, but the Bluetooth is built in to this amp. I .
  8. Feb 09,  · Other than listening to a track and making a call, is there a way to tell if a recording is mono or stereo? Like if you rip a CD on EAC or iTunes, you can get a report noting which tracks are mono. Why I ask -- In a separate thread on The Beach Boys' "Greatest Hits" (Razor & Tie, done by Steve Hoffman), some forum members asked which tracks are.
  9. 2. In order to split the Stereo Track into Mono, right click on top of the track’s name and then click on “Split into Mono”: 3. The Pro Tools session will now show the original stereo track, as well as the two new mono tracks with the suffix “.L” and “.R” that stand for “Left” and “Right”.